How do you best care for jewellery?

Jewellery can tarnish over time, but by avoiding having chemicals near them will keep the jewellery for longer, particularly for costume jewellery. Avoid spraying perfume and hairspray directly onto your jewellery, and if applying perfume, allow it to dry before wearing jewellery.

We also recommend that you clean jewellery often.
We can clean your jewellery for you, just ask us in store.

My jewellery is broken, can it be fixed?

With the exception of costume jewellery, most jewellery can be repaired quite easily, just bring it in store and we will be happy to look after you.

Can my ring be resized?

Silver or gold rings can usually be sized up or down a few sizes, but limitations may exist depending on the design of the ring. Simply bring the ring in store and we will measure your fingers to determine how many sizes up or down are needed.

What is rhodium plating?

Rhodium is a precious metal, which can be applied to the surface of jewellery to provide a surface that will resist scratches and will keep the jewellery from tarnishing for longer.

How long does a watch battery last?

The life of a watch battery depends on the quality of the watch and the watch in which it is placed; however, a battery typically lasts anywhere from 18 months to three years. It is important that the battery is replaced once it stops, as a dead battery will eventually leak, causing damage to the watch.

What is hallmarking?

A hallmark is a stamp given by an Assay Office guaranteeing the quality of the precious metal of which the jewellery item is made, e.g. Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold, after undergoing testing. Each item must meet the legal standard of purity. It is then stamped with the relevant hallmark.

What’s the difference between white and yellow gold?

All gold used in jewellery is an alloy of gold, that is pure gold is mixed with zinc, silver, copper or palladium to strengthen it. Pure gold is too soft and would bend and break easily.

9 carat gold comprises 9 parts pure gold mixed with 15 parts other metal to form a strong alloy.

18 carat gold has 18 parts gold to 6 parts other metals.

White gold has more silver or palladium in its mix to give it its white colour. It is then rhodium plated to give it its distinctive shiny silver like finish.